Monday, July 16, 2012

*Purple* stand up, flip album *SOLD*

 *Purple* stand up, flip album. *SOLD* quickly. Thank you A.I for your purchase!
 Areas for journaling and photo mates.
 More journaling and photo mates.
 This album does not contain any pattern paper. All techinques include mixed media, collaging, stamping, and painting.

As you can see, this stand up album does contain journaling and photo mates and I have included lots of tags in this one compared to the last few I made.

Birthday bash

 Set of birthday invites, thank you cars, gift bags for a boy's first birthday! Completed.
  envelopes to hold invites and thank you cards. (48)
 "Cars" theme: birthday invites (24)
 "Cars" theme: thank you cards (24)
 "Cars" theme: Gift bags (5)
For a thank you gift for the order, I created this gift box- the purchaser may use it for picture keepsakes or for other reasons. I have enclosed the cards and invites in this box as for now. Thank you C.D and D.D for your order and hope your little man enjoys his first birthday.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Stand up flip photo album with dimentions.

 Four of the stand up flip photo albums that I had made.
 Side view. I used ribbon and connected the last two pieces of chipboard to make more sturdy and to prevent back piece from slidding down.

 Above: The bigger of the four. 9 1/2X 5
 Thanks goes out to LakeAvenueDesigns for your inspirations.
 Above: the back panal of the large photo album. I created a pocket to hold an envelope pocket page I created that will hold more photos and journaling tags.

The measurements for the 9 1/5 X 5 album are as followed: From the back panals to the front panals-  Back panal (standing base) is measured 9 1/2 X 5,  8 1/2 X5, 7 X5, 5 1/2 X5, and 5 X 4. Then as you have those measurements then embellish and assemble. Fun and easy to do and the outcome is a beautiful flip photo book.  Check out my youtube channel to see more of each flip book.