Thursday, January 10, 2013

Running into some issues

Last few days I have been trying to upload some more projects here but I have found that I can't upload photos which for me in my case defeats the purpose. So being unable to upload photos is the reason why I haven't shared for awhile. Anyone else finding this to be an issue? When I go to upload, it won't give me the category to find my photos in the gallery or my documents and both is where I stored my photos. *go figure*. Well hopefully soon I can figure something out and be able to start sharing my projects once again with photos. If you have an idea of what I can do, please share. Have a great day everyone!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Art Tile Mosaic (projects one and two)

This art tile mosaic was inspired by livartnow on youtube. Love the idea to make tile art and place in a way of mosaic. I have made two for friends that recently had birthdays and gave them as gifts. Come along with me and lets review the pieces.
 I made each of these mosaics in reference to their families. Top photo: The birthday girl I have in the heart and she is the focal point and she is on double dimention. I wanted her to stand out. The photos of her kids are also on dimentionals but only single. I too wanted them to stand out because then I have photos of her grandkids so beginning with her and then tapers down from being on  dimentionals to none. Each photo are placed on some chipboard and then to shine and protect the photo, I had coated each with glossy accents. (Yes I used a lot of glossy accents on these projects, well worth it). Other than the photos, I also used some embellishments. Bling, flowers, metal dragon flys. I had also used paper butterflies and backed them onto aluminum foil so that she can move the wings and position them to her liking. This helps make the butterflies 3D.
Again with the focal point concept here. Him and his wife is the focal point. This mosaic was created basically the same as the above one but his base color is black instead of purple and he doesn't have all the (girly) embellishments. Instead I created three art tiles from polymer clay and used a motorcycle charm to create molds and the one i actually used the charm and set it within the clay. Then to make the motorcyle image stand out of the clay, I ran matallic gold paint over and made the image pop. The photos were done the same way as above description. He doesn't have grandkids yet so his photos were only place on (single) dimentions while the focal point photo was placed on double dimentions. Other than the motorcycle clay pieces for embellies, I also added a metal plate that say :live in the moment: and then a metal key and lock pad. Even for a guy, he really loved this piece. His very own family center piece. Each mosaic also included a hook to be able to hang as a wall decor. Well for now, this was my latest pieces just trying something new. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think. It would be much appreciated.

Necklace pendants

 These adorable pendants are made of polymer clay. My new addiction. Above photo is of a vintage art of a butterfly. Below photo is of a fairy also a couple glass beads used with color coordination.
I love fairies!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Kyanna's Secret Santa exchange

This year during school, my daughter and her classmates were assigned to be Secret Santas for their classmates. So we got lucky and she had a female classmate. (Girls are so much easier to shop for), and she got a list of what the girl would like. So as you may see in the photo we got some fingernail polish and design gems for her nails each in pretty bags with toppers. Then Kyanna made her an easel Christmas card and decorated a gift bag. Kyanna had so much fun and she hopes the girl will appreciate the work she did in customizing her gifts verses just placing it in a paper bag. My daughter has made me proud, she has turned into someone who understands the way of giving.
Kyanna was too excited to be a Secret Santa. She observed me gathering up and making things for my secret santa and the big box I received from my secret santa all through yourpaperpantry.ning. And so she was happy that she was able to do something like this as well.

Duck tape wallets by a 9 y-o boy

Oh it feels like forever since I have posted anything through blog and YT but I have been under the weather and just haven't felt like doing anything. Everyday is better and better and now I need to push myself and get back to work. I wanted to share with you, not my work but I love to display what my kids do as well so today I want to share what my little boy's hobby is as of now involving crafts. He started making duck tape wallets. He loves them and walks around with such pride. We have tons of wallets, different colors and styles. He doesn't do anything with them but just makes them. He told me he wanted to make a large amount of them so whenever I have a craft show he can sell his wallets for a dollar. My little business man. LOL. Here is his latest one. This Christmas themed wallet. He even cut out white tape to represent snow and to spell ho ho ho. Love his thoughts as he works. Thanks for letting me share my pride with you all.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Best birthday gift ever for my 9 yr.old

My little man belongs to a woodworking club. This was his last years birthday present. What it is, is a club where I have subscribed through where each month he will receive a package in the mail (with his name on it) and it will be some kind of woodworking project. He loves it because not only do they send the package straight to him with his name on it but they send all the pieces needed for the project, directions on how to assemble and even send some tools with it. Like he has received a hammer, measuring tape, a level, paints, brushes, and the nails, screws ect. The only thing I had to provide was the wood glue. Another reason he loves this is that he gets a birthday present every month. How I presented him with this gift on his birthday was that I subscribed to join, received his first project and placed in a tool box that I got him and when he opened it, he had a project with a question mark all over his face. I had him open it and then explained that for a year he will receive a package with a project in it each month and he thought that was the best birthday present ever. If you are interested in such a gift, let me know and I will post below the information of this club. Here below are some of the projects he had done.
 His very own Firetruck and even has a fire hose.  And Best of all..... we work on these things together. Not only getting him to recoginize his own talents but we bond over these activities. Love my studio where it is occupied by my kids and I.
 He made his candy dispenser.
 Made a marble drop game that we play with.
 Working on his helicopter.
 Finished project.
 Made a marshmellow launcher. We stay away from playing with this one. No desire to pick up marshmellows all throughtout the house.
Being a typical boy, he LOVES his street rooster, and to be honest, it does have some speed to it. Well this is the quick run down on the woodworking club my 9 year old is a member of and still receiving projects each month. This was the best birthday present I have ever came up with. Oh and he says I am the coolest mom ever. That's my boy.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Winter Wonderland Mini Album

 Winter Wonderland album
 Side view of album. Binding is inspired by YT:followthepapertrail/laura
 Side pocket photo mats each with tabs
 First page: Ability to have tag/photo to slip behind. Currently a tag is slipped behind the Christmas tree.
 Page 2-3: Another area for tag/photo to slip behind there on pg 2. Page 3- two areas to adhere photo. The star is stickled up for some shine.
 Page 4-5: Page 4 is a photo of Santa. Page 5: An envelope is adhered and created a pocket for a small tag and the larger tag can be used as a photo mat or journaling and behind that, one may add another photo.
 Page 6-7: Page 6, added a banner type photo and I had stamped "Be Merry" and decked with stickles. A flower also been added. Page 7: Two more photo mats.
 Page 8-9: Page 8 I left simple for photos. I did however dry emboss some snowflakes. Page 9: Photo mat and a skier made by cricut is adhered but allows a photo to slip behind both as well.
 Page 10-11: Pg 10. A ice skate cut from cricut creates an area where a tag/photo can slip behind. Currently a tag is there now and behind one may add another photo or journal. Pg 11: Created two pockets to keep tags and photos. Currently bottom pockets holding 3 tags, and top pocket is holding 2 tags.
 Page 12-13: Page 12- The snowmen and trees are from recycled Christmas cards. Adhered to where a tag/photo may slip behind and one can add another photo behind on page. Have a sentiment at the bottom with buttons that say "Season Greetings". Page 13- More of the recycled Christmas card and again adhered to where a tag/photo may slip behind and add a photo on main page.
 page 14-15: Created a pocket with cardstock and ribbon to hold photos/tags. Currently holding 3 tags. Page 15- simple page. just a photo mat.
 page 16-17: Page 16- again simple, large photo mat. page 17- photo mat and the snowman stamped image is adhered to where tags/photos can slip behine.
 page 18-19: Page 18- another envelope with card inside is adhered where a tag/photos can slip behind. Currently there is a photo mat adhered to main page and three tags slipped behind. Page 19- two photos mats adhered to main page.
 Page 20-21: Page 20- two photo mats adhered to main page however a tag/photo can be slipped behind. Currently a tag with pocket is included which is housing two more tags. Behind tag one may add photo or journaling to main page. Embellishments..buttons. Page 21: just a beautiful image of what I am reminded by with Winter Wonderland.
 Page 22-23: Page 22- Two photo mats in diamond stance adhered to main page where a tag/photo can slip behind. Currently a tag is there. Behind one may add photo or journaling to main page. Embellished with glittery star. Page 23- Pocket created with ribbon currently holding two tags. One may adhere photo behind on main page. the snowman is fussy cut from an old Christmas card.
 Page 24: Another adorable image of snowmen circled around a Christmas tree.
 Back cover: Embellishmened with this glittery sentiment. Merry Christmas.
 Side view of album; Lots of areas to add photos/journaling.
 These are the tags that fit in each page side pocket. 12 in total. Photo mats for photos and backs for journaling. Each mat has a tab on the ends.
Photo is of all the photo mats and tags that are included with the album. Thanks for looking at my newest album. This album will soon be placed on ebay. When it is loaded I will add link in comment area the link of the auction if one is interest. Please feel free and leave comments.