Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sept. Pocket for your thoughts swap *Halloween

 Pocket for your thoughts swap at Were to make three 5X7 pockets and enclosed at least four tags. Here is my take and creations. As seen in the photos, pretty much self explanitory. However, I want to point out that on the cover of the pocket is a sign that says turn back. That sign was created to be a pocket and that pocket is holding that poison tag.
 As you can see, turn back sign is a pocket. That is a poison tag I created.

 These are the tags I inserted in the pocket. We were to create at least four tags.
I have to admit, this is my favorite tag. This is a mixed media tag. Love my mixed media. I wish the picture turned out better. Picture sure didn't do this tag justice. Take my word on it. This is a neat tag. Believe I will make many more. So for the most part, this is my first "pocket for your thoughts" swap I have participated in and sure hope the ladies that recieves these will appreciate them.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sept. Tag Bag swap: Halloween poison bags. YPP

Tag bag swap at halloween theme. We were to incorporate something with poison on it and add some sweets to it. I created the base. You can't see it but behind the candy for the card base is of a skeleton hand holding onto a poison bottle. Then to create the bag or pocket to hold the candy, I wanted something more than acetate. I wanted the halloween feel to it so I used wax paper. Then hand stitched around to close. I created the poison tags. Each comes with two tags at which are different but still fitting the poison theme. I then created a poison bottle. The contains in these bottles is black acrylic paint and glossy accents. On the bottle I placed a poison label to complete the look. Also attached to the bottles are two poison labels I created into tiles and attached all to the tag bag using black twine thread. Hope the ladies enjoy this project. I sure did. I believe these came out adorable and I can't wait to see what the other ladies created. Well time to get these to the post office.   *God Bless*

Halloween pumpkin-mouse paper piecing

Some more paper piecing. The pumpkin and mouse created, paper pieced and chalked by hand. Love this technique but so time consuming. I couldn't resist the cute little mouse idea. Love this time of year. Halloween and Thanksgiving right around the corner.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Halloween bears paper piecing

Just a couple of cute little bears that I paper pieced in some Halloween outfits. Not as time consuming once I start getting the hang of things. I incorporated these bears onto a belly band I used on a card. Super adorable.

Pumpkin head scarecrows- Paper piecing

My first attempt to paper piecing. More time consuming than I thought but well worth it because they are so darn cute. You can find these pumpkin head scarecrows on ebay. Search pumpkin head scarecrows in the scrapbooking- paper piecing category. Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Peacock envelope mini *wedding*

 You are viewing another envelope tri-fold mini I created as a wedding gift.
 Folds up vertically. Conisting of three pockets when assembled as such.
I had also created two more small pockets to hold tags.
May see more in details and instructions on how I assembled this album on my youtude. User name:jklclanstudio.

Envelope tri-fold mini *wedding*

 Created this tri-fold envelope mini, This mini opens up vertical where most opens horizonal.
 very easy album to make and great when you don't want many embellishments to be used. Consist of three envelopes and I created a flap to open to the right for an extra pocket. This album consist of four pockets each can hold more than one tag.
 These are the tags I created for the pockets.
Cover of the flap I made. Behind the flower is a tag. Left the flower unadhered so that it will be utilized as a pocket.