Monday, April 16, 2012

Couple common sites I use.

The site I use for swaps so far is This site offers you to join and and being able to choose from different swaps each month. To join this site, it only cost $12 a year. They offer different types of swaps. Charm, stick pins, ATC, recipe cards, and so many more. If anyone has other sites that they would like to share that host swaps, please share. I will post a lot of my "swap" work here.

Also, another site I have found is and this site I have participated with challenges and you can win free items. The first challenge I particpated in was a 12x12 layout. The host will post what the challenge is and then on that Sunday the challenge will close. To win, it will be all those that participated will be placed in a drawing and the host will make a video and post on you tube to show whos name was drawn. To participate, all you have to do is follow the challenge rules and requirements, do your project and then just take a photo and post it. No need to mail in challenge, you are able to keep the project. Just complete it and post a photo and if you are lucky, your name can be drawn. She will also show what you will win. When I won my first challenge, I recieved flat back pearls, paper bags for a mini, and some prima flowers. Now how cool is that? I just made the project, posted the photo and my name was drawn. Pretty simple and you get to show off your work.

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