Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Art Tile Mosaic (projects one and two)

This art tile mosaic was inspired by livartnow on youtube. Love the idea to make tile art and place in a way of mosaic. I have made two for friends that recently had birthdays and gave them as gifts. Come along with me and lets review the pieces.
 I made each of these mosaics in reference to their families. Top photo: The birthday girl I have in the heart and she is the focal point and she is on double dimention. I wanted her to stand out. The photos of her kids are also on dimentionals but only single. I too wanted them to stand out because then I have photos of her grandkids so beginning with her and then tapers down from being on  dimentionals to none. Each photo are placed on some chipboard and then to shine and protect the photo, I had coated each with glossy accents. (Yes I used a lot of glossy accents on these projects, well worth it). Other than the photos, I also used some embellishments. Bling, flowers, metal dragon flys. I had also used paper butterflies and backed them onto aluminum foil so that she can move the wings and position them to her liking. This helps make the butterflies 3D.
Again with the focal point concept here. Him and his wife is the focal point. This mosaic was created basically the same as the above one but his base color is black instead of purple and he doesn't have all the (girly) embellishments. Instead I created three art tiles from polymer clay and used a motorcycle charm to create molds and the one i actually used the charm and set it within the clay. Then to make the motorcyle image stand out of the clay, I ran matallic gold paint over and made the image pop. The photos were done the same way as above description. He doesn't have grandkids yet so his photos were only place on (single) dimentions while the focal point photo was placed on double dimentions. Other than the motorcycle clay pieces for embellies, I also added a metal plate that say :live in the moment: and then a metal key and lock pad. Even for a guy, he really loved this piece. His very own family center piece. Each mosaic also included a hook to be able to hang as a wall decor. Well for now, this was my latest pieces just trying something new. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think. It would be much appreciated.

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