Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sept. Pocket for your thoughts swap *Halloween

 Pocket for your thoughts swap at Were to make three 5X7 pockets and enclosed at least four tags. Here is my take and creations. As seen in the photos, pretty much self explanitory. However, I want to point out that on the cover of the pocket is a sign that says turn back. That sign was created to be a pocket and that pocket is holding that poison tag.
 As you can see, turn back sign is a pocket. That is a poison tag I created.

 These are the tags I inserted in the pocket. We were to create at least four tags.
I have to admit, this is my favorite tag. This is a mixed media tag. Love my mixed media. I wish the picture turned out better. Picture sure didn't do this tag justice. Take my word on it. This is a neat tag. Believe I will make many more. So for the most part, this is my first "pocket for your thoughts" swap I have participated in and sure hope the ladies that recieves these will appreciate them.

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