Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Duck tape wallets by a 9 y-o boy

Oh it feels like forever since I have posted anything through blog and YT but I have been under the weather and just haven't felt like doing anything. Everyday is better and better and now I need to push myself and get back to work. I wanted to share with you, not my work but I love to display what my kids do as well so today I want to share what my little boy's hobby is as of now involving crafts. He started making duck tape wallets. He loves them and walks around with such pride. We have tons of wallets, different colors and styles. He doesn't do anything with them but just makes them. He told me he wanted to make a large amount of them so whenever I have a craft show he can sell his wallets for a dollar. My little business man. LOL. Here is his latest one. This Christmas themed wallet. He even cut out white tape to represent snow and to spell ho ho ho. Love his thoughts as he works. Thanks for letting me share my pride with you all.

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