Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Best birthday gift ever for my 9 yr.old

My little man belongs to a woodworking club. This was his last years birthday present. What it is, is a club where I have subscribed through where each month he will receive a package in the mail (with his name on it) and it will be some kind of woodworking project. He loves it because not only do they send the package straight to him with his name on it but they send all the pieces needed for the project, directions on how to assemble and even send some tools with it. Like he has received a hammer, measuring tape, a level, paints, brushes, and the nails, screws ect. The only thing I had to provide was the wood glue. Another reason he loves this is that he gets a birthday present every month. How I presented him with this gift on his birthday was that I subscribed to join, received his first project and placed in a tool box that I got him and when he opened it, he had a project with a question mark all over his face. I had him open it and then explained that for a year he will receive a package with a project in it each month and he thought that was the best birthday present ever. If you are interested in such a gift, let me know and I will post below the information of this club. Here below are some of the projects he had done.
 His very own Firetruck and even has a fire hose.  And Best of all..... we work on these things together. Not only getting him to recoginize his own talents but we bond over these activities. Love my studio where it is occupied by my kids and I.
 He made his candy dispenser.
 Made a marble drop game that we play with.
 Working on his helicopter.
 Finished project.
 Made a marshmellow launcher. We stay away from playing with this one. No desire to pick up marshmellows all throughtout the house.
Being a typical boy, he LOVES his street rooster, and to be honest, it does have some speed to it. Well this is the quick run down on the woodworking club my 9 year old is a member of and still receiving projects each month. This was the best birthday present I have ever came up with. Oh and he says I am the coolest mom ever. That's my boy.

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